On October 17, 1999, at 1510 hours Pacific daylight time, a Waco UPF7, N32186, collided with a Cessna 195, N4301V, while taxing for takeoff at the Jean, Nevada, airport. The Cessna 195 was on a taxiway holding short of runway 2L waiting for departure and the Waco UPF7 was taxing to runway 2L for departure at the time of the collision. The airplanes were operated by their respective owners under 14 CFR Part 91 for local area personal flights. The Waco UPF7 sustained minor damage to its propeller. The Cessna 195 sustained substantial damage to the left wing. The commercial pilot in the Waco UPF7, and, the airline transport pilot and the three passengers in the Cessna 195, were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plans were filed for either operation.

According to the manager of the Jean airport, the Cessna 195 was in line behind other aircraft on a taxiway awaiting departure on runway 2L. The Waco UPF7 was proceeding along the taxiway to runway 2L for takeoff. The airport manager said the taxiway is too narrow for the conventional geared Waco to effectively S-turn. The pilot of the Waco stated to the airport manager that he did not see the stopped Cessna 195 and taxied into the left wing of that aircraft.

In a telephone interview, the pilot of the Waco said that as he was taxiing he spotted some rocks on runway 2L and was engaged in a radio conversation with the ground controller reporting debris on the runway. He noted that this distracted his attention and he did not see the stopped Cessna 195 ahead on the taxiway.

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