On August 14, 1999, at 1830 central daylight time, a Johannes-Robert Acrosport RJ-2, N42J, piloted by a private pilot, was destroyed when it impacted a hay field and caught on fire 1/4 mile north of runway 4 (2,600 feet X 100 feet, dry/turf) at Kettle Moraine Airport near Campbellsport, Wisconsin. The 14 CFR Part 91 flight was not operating on a flight plan. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The pilot received fatal injuries. The personal flight was originating at the time of the accident and the flight's destination was West Bend Municipal Airport, West Bend, Wisconsin.

In his statement, a witness stated that the airplane was taking off from Kettle Moraine Airport to the northeast and that the "...engine sound indicated normal take-off power." He said that the airplane "...pitched-up steeply" after crossing Vista Drive at the departure end of the runway. He said that the airplane's pitch "...went to vertical", the airplane's speed dissipated, and that the airplane pitched "...down through [the] horizon." He stated that the airplane rolled and turned approximately 270 degrees, went behind trees, and that an "...impact thud was heard."

Another witness said that she saw the "...airplane coming up off the runway" at Kettle Moraine Airport. She stated that the airplane did not "...get more than 400 feet off the ground" after it crossed Vista Drive. The witness said that the airplane "...looked like he was going to turn upside down, and he did turn upside down for awhile." She said that she saw the airplane's propeller turning in the air. She stated that the airplane "...seemed to just shoot right down to the ground." The witness said, " soon as it hit the ground it burst into flames."


The pilot was a private rated pilot. He held a Third Class Medical Certificate. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records showed that the pilot listed 506 hours as his total time.


The airplane was a Johannes-Robert Acrosport RJ-2, N42J, manufactured in 1978, serial number 2. The experimental amateur built airworthiness certificate was issued on December 14, 1979.


At 1838, West Bend Municipal Airport, West Bend, Wisconsin observation was: Wind 110 degrees at 4 knots; visibility 10 statute miles; sky condition clear; temperature 19 degrees C; dew point 14 degrees C; altimeter 30.11 inches of mercury.


The airplane's propeller initially impacted terrain at latitude 43 degrees 40.21'N and longitude 088 degrees 11.45'W. The airplane came to rest 3 feet west of that point on a 105-degree heading. The discolored metal fuselage and tail section structural channels and tubing, I struts, cabane strut assembly, aileron interconnecting tubes, and landing and lift wires were found coated with an ash like substance. The engine was found attached to the airframe by a crushed and distorted engine mount. The wooden center section and wooden wing spars were found charred and splintered.

An on-scene inspection of the airplane revealed that there was control continuity to all control surfaces.

The inspection further revealed engine control continuity. A thumb compression was confirmed at all cylinders. Six spark plugs were removed and exhibited a light brown to gray color. The propeller had cordwise scratching on its surface and nicks on its leading edge. The carburetor and rear-mounted accessories were found burned and distorted.


The Fond du Lac County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy on the pilot on August 16, 1999.

A Final Forensic Toxicology Fatal Accident Report was prepared by the FAA's Civil Aeromedical Institute on September 13, 1999. The report was negative.


A post impact fire occurred when the airplane impacted a hay field. A 15-foot half circle northwest of the center of the fuselage was found blackened and the straw stems within the half circle were found charred. Soot and ash like substances were found aft of the melted carburetor, through out the entire airframe, and in the half circle area.


The wreckage was released to a representative of the pilot's estate on August 30, 1999.

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