On August 13, 1999, at 1743 eastern daylight time, a Quicksilver GT-500, N5503M, was found damaged and abandoned in a field in Ormond Beach, Florida. The nature of the flight is unknown. The weather conditions at the time of the accident are unknown. The airplane sustained substantial damage and no injuries were reported. The flight departed Ormond Beach, Florida, at an undetermined time.

According to the FAA, the owner of the airplane was not aware that it had been flown in the last two days. Witnesses who found the airplane reported that the engine was cold. The airplane sustained wing and landing gear damage.

According to the police report, the airplane was discovered by a neighbor of the property owner. The airplane was found abandoned. The airplane owner stated that the last time he saw the airplane was on August 11 when it was secured in his hangar at the Ormond Beach Airport. Upon investigation, the police found the hangar doors closed and the padlock unsecured. According to the airplane owner, only he and Sunrise Aviation had keys to the padlock and the key to the airplane was in the airplane. He reported that no one had permission to go into the hangar or to use his airplane.

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