On May 12, 1999, about 0859 eastern daylight time, an Aero Commander 500B, N6138X, registered to EEC Investment Inc., crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, near Nassau, Bahamas. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time, and no flight plan was filed for the 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight. The airplane sank and was presumed to be destroyed. The commercial-rated pilot was presumed to be fatally injured. The flight had originated at an unknown time from Opa-Locka, Florida, en route to Nassau.

At the time of the accident, the pilot was in radio contact with Nassau Approach Control. According to Nassau approach the flight was west of the airport, inbound for landing. For some reason the pilot performed a 360-degree turn, without permission, and was then vectored to runway 09. None of the radio communications indicated that the pilot was having mechanical or medical problems.

According to the transcript of radio communications the pilot of N6138X, contacted Nassau Approach Control, at 0838:11, and reported his position was "about 50 miles west for landing." The pilot was given a transponder code of 0476, was radar identified as being 48 miles northwest of the airport, and was told to expect landing on runway 14.

At 0850:10, the approach controller said, "...turn left zero four zero vectors for runway one four your number three." The pilot acknowledge the transmission.

At 0851:16, the controller said, "...Turn further left ten degrees, traffic four miles southeast bound...at 1500 landing runway one four you'd be number two to follow." The pilot acknowledged the transmission.

The approach controller called the tower at 0854:18, and asked the tower controller, "...[N] 6138X he look like he headed to northwest...he made a right turn heading back."

At 0854:25, the approach controller called the pilot and said, "...I show you heading to the northwest are you still landing on one four." The pilot's answer was unreadable.

At 0854:39, the approach controller said, "Sir if you gonna make a three sixty out there you need to advise us when you making a three sixty. Join final, turn right on heading of one one zero and join finals runway one four."

At 0855:00, the control said, "...say altitude." The pilot answered, "altitude is." The control said, "Fly heading two seven zero," and pilot answered "seven."

At 0856:29, the controller said, "...turn left on a heading of one eight zero." The pilot repeated the heading.

The last transmissions were at 0858:18. The controller said, "...fly heading one three zero vectors for nine [runway 9]," and the pilot said "vector for nine." There were no further transmissions.

After communications were lost, a search was initiated by air and a debris field was located. Five yellow life jackets, a six-man life raft, several unidentified pieces of white and gold airframe were retrieved by the Bahamian Government. The pilot and the wreckage were never recovered from the water.

According to FAA security, at the time of the accident the pilot had several violations pending, and his pilot's license had been suspended.

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