On July 19, 1992 at about 1145 edt, N75255, a Piper PA-28-181 airplane, a personal flight, crashed while landing at Pikeville County Regional Airport/Hatcher Field, Pikeville, Kentucky. Visual meteorological conditions existed. The pilot and passenger were not injured. The airplane was substantially damaged. The local flight was operated under 14 CFR Part 91.

The pilot was returning to the airport after an hour flight. During the landing the airplane went off the left side of the runway. The airplane struck trees and a parked vehicle.

According to the pilot, "All phases of the approach were normal. Approaching runway 20. I flared a little high and added a little power for touch down. The plane landed hard on to the runway and veered to the left side of the runway. After the plane left the runway, I applied brakes and skidded (about) 200 to 300 feet down the left side of the runway.

"I managed to bring the plane back nearly parallel to the runway when the left wing came in contact with some small trees and then a larger one, causing the plane to turn left, and as it did the right wing came in contact with a tractor mower, and then came to a stop." The pilot reported there were no mechanical malfunctions.

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