On December 19, 1993, at 1608 eastern standard time, a Piper PA-32-R-301T, N8210H, operated by Mr. Richard E. Fleming, of Princeton, New Jersey, overran the runway during an aborted takeoff at Norwood, Massachusetts. The airplane received substantial damage. The pilot and three passengers were not injured. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed and the flight was operating on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan under 14 CFR Part 91.

The pilot called the control tower to taxi for departure. At 1559, he was told, "...braking action was about an hour and half ago uh poor by a vehicle." The pilot then asked if he could back taxi down the runway for departure and that was approved.

At 1606, the pilot was given the following from the local controller, " field condition from the airport manager..., all surfaces covered two inches of wet snow, braking action reported poor by the vehicle." This was acknowledged by the pilot. He was then cleared for takeoff and the winds were reported as calm. At 1608, the pilot called the control tower and said, "Ahrr we're off the runway sir."

In a written statement, the pilot said:

...On take-off roll, the airplane accelerated initially, and there was never [an] indication of a failure to develop power. However, I sensed that were not achieving a lift-off and did not have flying speed. I cut the power but did not attempt to brake to avoid skidding. We ran straight ahead off the runway and into the wet field. There was a ditch which forced us to tip forward, striking the nose and propeller into the wet ground....

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