On December 21, 1993, at 1430 central standard time, a Cessna 182, N4791D, registered to Kenneth Harris of Greeley, Colorado, and flown by a private pilot, collided with a fence during a forced landing following a loss of engine power. The forced landing was made at the Centerville Airport, Centerville, Iowa. The airplane was substantial damaged. The pilot was seriously injured and the passenger was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a VFR flight plan was filed. The flight originated from Greeley, Colorado, on December 21, 1993, at 0930 mountain standard time.

The pilot stated this was his first cross country flight in this particular airplane. He reported his preflight fuel calculations showed a consumption of 12 gallons per hour at 2350 rpm. With 55 gallons of usable fuel on board he calculated an endurance of 4.6 hours. The original intended destination was Burlington, Iowa. When 20 miles from the Centerville Airport, the pilot reported, the engine sputtered and quit. He set up for a forced landing in a field and just prior to touching down, engine power was regained. He stated he then climbed to 3,000 feet and headed toward the Centerville Municipal Airport. He stated he located the airport and set up for a long final approach to runway 33. When approximately 2 to 2.5 miles from the airport, engine power was lost once again. He stated he set up for a glide to the airport and added "one notch" of flaps in an attempt to clear a fence just prior to touchdown. The airplane contacted the fence and descended nose first into the terrain.

Post accident inspection of the airplane by a Federal Aviation Administration Inspector revealed the left fuel tank was empty and the right fuel tank contained approximately 5 gallons of fuel. The carburetor bowl contained a couple of drops of fuel and the gascolator bowl was empty.

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