On December 3, 1993, at 1717 hours central standard time, a Cessna C550, N550RD, registered to Kansas Air Investments, Inc. and piloted by the company pilot, sustained substantial damage when it struck a flock of geese after takeoff from DuPage County Airport, West Chicago, Illinois. The Airline Transport Pilot (ATP, left seat) and the commercial certificated pilot (right seat) were the sole occupants, and reported no injuries. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed for the business flight, which operated on an IFR flight plan. The flight operated under 14 CFR Part 91, and originated from West Chicago, Illinois at 1715 hours. The intended destination was Olathe, Kansas. The flight diverted to Midway Airport, in Chicago, Illinois.

The ATP reported the IFR departure was routine until the airplane climbed through about 200 feet above the ground. The pilots stated they heard a loud bang, and felt the airplane yaw left and right. They reported there were indications of a loss of power in the right engine. Restart attempts were unsuccessful, and the engine shut down procedure was performed. The ATP reported he then observed anomolous readings on the left hand engine instruments, and noticed the fuel quantity on the left side was rapidly decreasing. The flight crew declared an emergency and received radar vectors to Midway Airport. The right seat pilot stated: "The landing was successful and shutdown was immediate...the Captain and myself exited the aircraft, at which time it was apparent that we had struck a flock of geese."

Weather conditions at DuPage County Airport at the time of departure were reported to be 200 foot overcast, 1/2 mile visibility in fog, with temperature and dew point matching at 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Postaccident examination revealed no evidence of preimpact mechanical malfunction.

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