On December 27, 1993, at about 1503 eastern standard time, a Piper PA-28-181, N2205Z, was substantially damaged during a forced landing near North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The private pilot and two passengers were not injured. The aircraft was operated under 14 CFR Part 91 by Enterprise Seven Leasing, Inc., of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time, and no flight plan was on file for the personal flight to North Myrtle Beach. The flight originated in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at about 1120.

The pilot reported the following: During the enroute portion of the flight, he flew one hour on the left fuel tank, then two hours on the right fuel tank. He then switched back to the left fuel tank. When he switched back to the left tank, he estimated that he had about 20 to 25 minutes remaining until he reached his destination airport. While performing the pre-landing checklist procedures, he realized that both fuel gauges were reading low. He notified Myrtle Beach Approach that he was low on fuel. He was cleared to land, with the runway in sight, when the engine began to sputter. He switched tanks, and the engine smoothed out. He advised the tower controller that he was very low on fuel. Approximately 4 miles from the runway, the engine began to sputter again, and he switched back to the left tank. He checked the carburetor heat and the fuel pump, but the engine did not regain full power. The engine quit, and he set up for a forced landing in a field. After maneuvering the aircraft to avoid some trees, the aircraft collided with the tree tops, and he landed the aircraft in a soft field. The wheels dug into the soft ground, and the aircraft came to a stop.

An inspector from the Federal Aviation Administration visited the accident site and examined the wreckage. He reported the following: All landing gear were collapsed under the aircraft, and the left wing was wrinkled. There was no visible fuel found in either wing fuel tank. He turned the battery on, and the left and right tank fuel gauges indicated zero gallons.

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