On November 3, 1993, at approximately 1615 hours mountain standard time (MST), a Cessna T210F, N6177R, registered to and operated by Engineered Control Systems, Inc., and being taxied by William E. Vanderloos, a certificated private pilot, was substantially damaged when the aircraft nosed over while taxiing on runway 23 at the Sheridan County Airport, Sheridan, Wyoming. The pilot was uninjured. Visual meteorological conditions existed and a VFR flight plan had been filed. The flight, which was personal in nature, was to have been operated in accordance with the requirements set forth in 14CFR91 and originated at Spearfish, South Dakota, at 1500 MST and was destined for Billings, Montana.

The pilot reported that he had just landed on runway 31 after deciding to divert into Sheridan due to inclement weather. After exiting runway 31 and while taxiing east on runway 23 a gust of wind "hit the aircraft (from 300 degrees) on a direct crosswind, skidded the aircraft to the right, lifted the tail and subse- quently flipped the aircraft on its back" (refer to CHART I).

A surface weather observation taken at 1618 hours (MST) immediately following the mishap was recorded as follows:

SHR L 2318 40 SCT E75 BKN 250 40 52/31/3330G43/963 ACFT MISHAP

This observation reported winds as 30 knots from 330 degrees (true) with gusts to 43 knots.

Strong westerly to northwesterly winds were reported at the airport throughout the afternoon of the accident (refer to ATTACHMENT M-I).

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