On November 13, 1993, about 1650 hours mountain standard time, a Piper PA-32R-300, N6879J, crashed during landing at a private airstrip in Mulege, Baja de Sur, Mexico. The airplane was being operated as a visual flight rules (VFR) cross country personal flight to Mulege when the accident occurred. The airplane, operated by the pilot, received substantial damage. The certificated private pilot and two passengers received minor injuries. A fourth passenger was not injured; however, a fifth passenger received serious abdominal injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The pilot had filed a VFR flight plan with the Mexican Air Traffic authorities. The flight originated in Guaymas, Mexico, about 1610 hours.

The pilot reported that the flight was conducted with several other U.S. registered airplanes. After departure from Guaymas, located on the east coast of the Sea of Cortez, the pilot planned his approach to runway 31 at the Hotel Serenidad at Mulege, located on the west coast of the Sea of Cortez. The pilot indicated that at about 5 feet above the runway, the airplane began a rapid vertical descent. He added power the airplane touched down in a nose high attitude. When the nose was lowered to the runway, the airplane veered off the left side of the runway. The airplane struck a berm on the left side of the runway, shearing off the landing gear, and damaging the fuselage.

This accident is being investigated by the Mexico Director General of Civil Aviation, Loreto, Baja De Sur, Mexico.

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