On November 9, 1993, at 1630 hours central standard time (CST), a Cessna 150G (taildragger conversion), N2263J, sustained substantial damage when it veered off the right side of the runway at Neosho, Missouri. The private pilot and passenger reported no injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local pleasure flight, no flight plan was filed. The flight operated under 14 CFR Part 91, and originated from Neosho, Missouri at 1610 CST.

The pilot stated he made a full flap (40 degrees), full stall, three point landing on runway 19. The pilot reported the airplane rolled straight for a few seconds, then "got away from me," and began a slow turn to the right.

The pilot reported he was unable to correct the turn by applying left rudder. With room to leave the runway between two runway lights, the pilot planned to go off the runway, taxi around the light and back onto the runway. However, upon exiting the runway, the left main landing gear collapsed, allowing the propeller to strike the ground.

When the pilot was asked what he thought happened, he stated that he has a Luscombe, which has heel brakes, and it was possible that he had his feet on the toe brakes at touchdown, causing the airplane to pitch forward, or that it was possible one brake grabbed more than the other one.

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