On November 3, 1993, at 1611 central standard time, a Beech B36TC airplane, N8006R, experienced a loss of engine power during climb from takeoff, turned back, and landed short at Rockford, Illinois. The solo commercial pilot reported no injury. The airplane was substantially damaged. Visual meteorological conditions existed for the local, post-maintenance check flight. The flight commenced at 1610 and operated under 14 CFR 91.

The airplane went into maintenance on the accident date for an oil-and-filter change and replacement of leaking gaskets. At completion, maintenance personnel cleaned the engine and ran it on the ramp. The pilot for the owner intended a flight around the airport to check the airplane before departing to the airplane's home field.

The pilot recounted the engine coughed passing 200 to 300 feet above takeoff altitude. He turned toward the airport and notified the tower of engine difficulty. The engine lost power completely in the turn. The pilot estimated he would not make the runway, and aimed for open ground at the southwest corner of the airport. He stated he moved the gear selector down, but the gear were in transit at touchdown. He stated he did not select fuel boost ON.

Examination of fuel pump disclosed no mechanical abnormalities, but did show a loose fitting where the main fuel line connects to the fuel pump inlet. Pressurizing the line with the boost pump resulted in substantial fuel leakage.

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