On October 1, 1993, at 2344 central daylight time, a Cessna 208B, N9762B, was substantially damaged following a loss of control while taxiing at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Texas. The airline transport rated pilot was not injured.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the 14 CFR Part 135 on demand air taxi flight.

According to the pilot, the all cargo flight operating under the call sign "Martinaire 639" departed Tulsa, Oklahoma, at 2201 on an IFR flight plan. A normal approach and landing were executed to Runway 17R at the DFW Airport. The pilot was instructed to hold short of Runway 17L, on taxiway 18, prior to taxiing to the northeast cargo area.

According to the enclosed ATC transcript, Martinaire 639 was instructed to cross Runway 17L at 2236:53, behind a heavy MD-11 that was previously cleared for takeoff at 2235:53. Prior to issuing the clearance to cross, the pilot was issued a wake turbulence caution. The pilot stated that as he was in the process of crossing the runway, the MD-11 advanced its engines to takeoff power. The jet blast from the departing MD-11 struck the Cessna 208B and "blew my aircraft off of the runway."

The left wing impacted the ground resulting in structural damage to the wing spar.

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