On September 26, 1993, at 1600 mountain daylight time, a Blanik L-13, N52AS, collided with a runway border cone after the takeoff was aborted, at Clinton, Montana. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed for the local flight. The glider was substantially damaged and the certificated private pilot was not injured.

The pilot reported during a telephone interview and subsequent written statement that during the first attempted takeoff the tow rope broke a few feet in front of the glider. The pilot released the broken rope and made a successful landing. The rope was repaired and a second tow was attempted. During the tow, just after liftoff, the rope broke again approximately 20 feet in front of the glider. The pilot pulled the release lever and thought that the rope released, however, the rope did not. The pilot aborted the takeoff and attempted to land on the runway. During the landing roll, the pilot stated that the main wheel landed on the rope and the glider veered to the right. The glider continued to the side of the airstrip and collided with a stationary runway border cone before the pilot was able to regain control and maneuver the glider back to the airstrip.

The accident was not reported by the pilot until October 5, 1993.

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