On September 5, 1993, at 0840 hours mountain standard time, a Cessna TU206G, N9454G, collided with the ground following a loss of power in the takeoff initial climb at Marble Canyon, Arizona. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed for the operation. The aircraft incurred substantial damage. The certificated commercial pilot and his two passengers were not injured. The flight was originating at the time of the mishap as a continuation of a personal transportation cross country flight to Flagstaff, Arizona, from Cedar City, Utah.

In his statement, the pilot said that no services were obtained at Cedar City prior to departure. The pilot said that the fuel gages indicated a total quantity of about 35 gallons on board at takeoff, and he planned to fly to Flagstaff, Arizona, with a refueling stop at Page, Arizona, and a passenger drop off at Marble Canyon. Near Page, the pilot observed that the fuel gages indicated about one quarter in each tank, and he elected to drop the one passenger at Marble Canyon first, then fly to Page for fuel.

After landing at Marble Canyon the passenger was deplaned and the aircraft started and taxied to runway 21 for departure. The pilot reported that at about 100 feel AGL in the initial climb the engine surged then quit. The aircraft nosed over after encountering rough terrain and obstacles in the off runway forced landing.

The FAA did not respond to the accident site. According to the aircraft retrieval firm who picked up the aircraft, the right fuel tank was "bone dry," and the fuel selector was found positioned to the right tank. The left fuel tank contained an estimated 8 gallons of fuel. Fuel system continuity was established with no evidence of line or tank disruption.

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