On September 25, 1993, approximately 1030 central daylight time, a Cessna 182G, N2149R, was substantially damaged when it landed in a canal during a forced landing near Baytown, Texas. The airplane, flown by a commercial pilot, was on a local personal flight. There was no flight plan filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed throughout the area. Neither the pilot nor the one passenger were injured.

According to the pilot, he departed the Humphrey Airport in Baytown with the intention of flying to Galveston, Texas, but he changed his mind en route and elected to return to Baytown. He stated that during the turn he lost all engine power without warning "as if someone had shut off the fuel." His attempts to restart the engine were unsuccessful; however, he stated the engine would "sputter" and try to start as he used the primer. The pilot ultimately selected the canal as a forced landing area as there was no other suitable terrain. The airplane touched down tail low and nosed over inverted in the water when the main gear contacted the surface.

Examination of the airplane indicated that there was fuel in the system. The fuel system maintained integrity and no condensation or salt water was found. The fuel lines were found clear of obstructions and had no evidence of leaks. The engine was disassembled and examined. Other than evidence of a sticking carburetor float, there was no evidence of pre-impact failure or malfunction.

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