On Thursday, August 26, 1993, at 0820 eastern daylight time, a Cameron Hot Air Balloon, N75192, owned and piloted by Ruth Salzberg, struck a lamp post and landed hard during a landing to a field near Lewiston, New York. The balloon was not damaged. The pilot was not injured, but the sole passenger received serious injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. A flight plan had not been filed for the flight operating under 14 CFR 91.

In the pilot/operator report, the pilot stated that this was a planned flight over the Niagara Falls Gorge, from Canada to New York State. Weather was checked on three different occasions and the balloon departed at 0720. At 0750, after crossing into United States Airspace, the pilot stated that the winds became "squirrely and variable in direction and speed."

In the NTSB Form 6120.1/2 the pilot stated:

"...Difficult to get a direction away from gorge or to set up a landing approach. Aborted several landings due to...wind changes in direction and speed...Descended to investigate possible landing site, but decided it was too close to road...turned on burner to climb...Balloon did not respond. Instead a descent was initiated...continued to burn until it became obvious turn around would not come in time to avoid hitting lamp stanchion...balloon hit lamp stanchion...which did break off at base. In falling, the lamp post broke the passengers arm when he stood up prematurely. Balloon landed hard, but was undamaged...."

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