On Sunday, August 1, 1993, at 1930 eastern daylight time, a Balloon Works, Firefly 7-15, N2574M, owned and operated by Richard Masters, of Hillsboro, New Hampshire, tipped over upon landing in a field in Milford, New Hampshire. The balloon was not damaged, however, one passenger received minor injures and the other passenger received serious injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan had been filed for the local sight seeing flight.

In the NTSB Accident Report, the pilot stated:

...I instructed the passengers about the landing procedures ie: hold onto the uprights, face the direction we are going and bend your knees to absorb the shock and stay in the basket.

After launching, I realized that the winds were stronger than the six knots forecast and observed in Manchester. I still expected the winds to die down and proceeded to fly up the valley which had numerous fields and landing sites. After about 20 minutes of flight, I realized the winds weren't reducing adequately and the direction had changed, taking me out of the valley and I decided to land at the first opportunity. I landed in a large field and the basket tipped over and dragged about fifteen feet where the envelope had enough lift in it to right the basket and leave it standing....

After the landing one passenger complained about his ankle and was taken to a local hospital. He is reported to have broken his ankle in two places. The other passenger was reported to have received bruises.

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