On August 28, 1993, at 1430 central daylight time, a Piper PA-28-151, N41377, was destroyed by fire following a forced landing into a wheat field near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The private pilot and his three passengers were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal flight.

According to the pilot, a loss of engine power was experienced while he was in cruise flight at 1,500 feet MSL. A forced landing was made into an open field. The nose landing gear was bent aft approximately 20 degrees. The pilot and his three passengers evacuated the airplane without incident.

The pilot further stated that after evacuating the airplane, he observed smoke coming from under the engine cowling, so he asked someone to call the fire department. As the pilot was waiting for the fire equipment to arrive, the first flames appeared. The first fire truck at the scene was not equipped with the proper fire suppressant and a call was made for a second vehicle. While waiting for the second fire truck, the fire engulfed the airplane. The cause of the power loss or the fire could not be determined.

The wreckage was released to the owner by the Federal Aviation Administration inspector at the accident site.

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