On August 15, 1993, at 1110 central daylight time (CDT), a Bellanca BL-17-30, N4846V, registered to Karl E. Kingsley of Kansas City, Missouri, and piloted by a private pilot, was substantially damaged during a forced landing onto Runway 18 which was under construction at the Lee's Summit Municipal Airport, Lee's Summit, Missouri. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The 14 CFR Part 91 instructional flight had not filed a flight plan. The pilot reported minor injuries, the flight instructor reported no injuries. The flight originated from Osawatomie, Kansas, at 1100 CDT.

The purpose of the flight, according to the pilot, was for recurrent training in the airplane. The pilot stated the airplane had undergone maintenance during the previous 12 months. The accident flight was the first flight since the maintenance activity.

The pilot stated he had extended the traffic pattern's downwind leg for spacing behind a slower airplane. While on final approach for Runway 29, the instructor told the pilot to go around because the airplane which had landed in front of their's appeared to start a back taxi maneuver on the active runway. The pilot stated he applied power, retracted the flaps and landing gear. During the retraction cycles, the pilot stated, the airplane was not accelerating. He stated the tachometer displayed 1,400 RPM and that the engine was not producing power.

The pilot said he turned toward a runway which was under construction because of insufficient altitude to land elsewhere. According to the pilot, during the turn to the closed runway the right wing collided with a mound of dirt adjacent to the runway. The airplane skidded to a stop with approximately 2/3rds of its right wing missing.

The on-scene investigation revealed the throttle linkage fork was not attached to the throttle arm of the fuel control. The bolt, nut, and cotter pin which secure the arm to the fork were not found during the investigation.

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