On July 6, 1993, at 1830 Pacific daylight time, a Beech V35B, N4084S, experienced a loss of engine power during the descent for landing at Friday Harbor, Washington. The airplane was unable to make it to the runway so the pilot performed an emergency landing on the beach. The airplane was substantially damaged and the private pilot was not injured. The flight originated from Aurora, Oregon, on July 6, 1993, at 1700, and was en route to Friday Harbor.

The pilot reported that the engine gradually lost power as if it was out of fuel. There were no other indications of a problem. The pilot made several attempts to restart the engine, however, they were unsuccessful. The pilot reported that he does not recall as to which fuel tank the fuel selector was positioned to prior to the loss of power.

After the accident, it was noted that the right wing quick drain was damaged and stuck in the open position. Several gallons of fuel leaked from the drain before it was plugged approximately 30 minutes later. The left wing was intact and no fuel was noted to be leaking.

During the removal of the airplane from the beach, the fuel was drained from the fuel tanks. Approximately one-half gallons of fuel were drained from the left fuel tank, and one-and-a-half gallons were drained from the right fuel tank.

During the engine inspection, no evidence was found to indicate a mechanical failure or malfunction.

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