On July 9, 1993, at 1325 Pacific daylight time, a Cessna 172N, N75901, collided with a ditch during an on ground takeoff runway over run at the Alturus municipal airport, Alturus, California. The aircraft was operated by Executive Flyers, Inc., of Sacramento, California, and was rented by the pilot for a cross country flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and included calm winds. The aircraft incurred substantial damage. Neither the certificated private pilot nor his one passenger were injured. The flight was originating at the time of the accident as a cross country personal flight to Sacramento, California.

According to oral and written statements by the pilot, he said he was departing on the 3,600 foot long runway 21 at the Alturus municipal airport, which has an elevation of 4,375 feet MSL. The pilot noted that the engine ran smoothly during the takeoff ground roll, but did not seem to reach full RPM. He said that at about 50 knots he rotated the nose of the aircraft and it climbed about 10 feet, then settled back onto the pavement. The pilot noted that he attempted several times to lift off the runway, but the aircraft would not climb off of the pavement. The pilot stated that he then aborted the takeoff, over ran the departure end of the runway and collided with a ditch and a fence.

Based on an official weather observation taken for the National Weather Service at Alturus, the temperature was recorded as 83 degrees about 20 minutes after the accident. The density altitude was computed at about 7,100 feet.

The Airplane Flight Manual for the aircraft states that the mixture should be leaned prior to takeoff at fields with elevations above 3,000 feet. The rotation speed listed in the flight manual for normal takeoff's is 55 knots.

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