On June 27, 1993, at approximately 1630 Alaska daylight time, a tundra tire equipped PA18-150 airplane, N13880, nosed over on landing at a gravel bar landing strip on the Uganik River, 30 miles west of the town of Kodiak, Alaska. The sole occupant, a certificated private pilot, had departed Kodiak Municipal at 1530 with a stop at Port Lyons, also on Kodiak Island. The personal flight was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91 in visual meteorological conditions, without a flight plan. The pilot was not injured, however the airplane sustained substantial damage.

The pilot told the investigators that he had overflown the landing area on two passes before landing; however, when he landed the wind was "squirrelly [sic] and probably should have gone around, (and) couldn't stop it, it went over." He said that when he examined the airplane after righting it that the damage included a bent rudder, one upper and one lower bent longeron as well.

In a statement to the NTSB, the pilot recommended that he should (in the future) land shorter, avoid boulders and use less brake pressure.

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