On May 4, 1993, at approximately 1430 central daylight time, a Haltom Avid Flyer, N567WH, was destroyed near Houston, Texas, during a forced landing following partial loss of engine power during departure climb. The private pilot and one passenger sustained minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local personal flight.

An interview conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration inspector with the pilot and the pilot report submitted to the Safety Board revealed the following information. The airplane departed the Andrau Airport, Houston, Texas. During the climb, south of the airport an engine partial power loss occurred. The pilot attempted to regain engine power, however, full power could not be attained. During the emergency approach, glide speed was maintained so the pilot could clear some buildings and land in the field. During the landing roll the "nose wheel hit an ant hill" and the airplane became airborne. As the pilot "regained control" and landed the airplane in the plowed field, the nose gear collapsed and the airplane came to rest in an inverted position.

An examination of the engine by the Federal Aviation Administration inspector did not reveal any engine anomalies that would have contributed to the power loss.

The airplane was released to the owner following the investigation.

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