On May 29, 1993, at 1535 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Cessna 207 airplane, N1763U, registered to and operated by Yute Air Alaska, Inc. of Dillingham, Alaska, veered off the runway after landing at Bethel, Alaska. The positioning flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, last departed Tununik, Alaska, and the destination was Bethel. No flight plan was filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The airplane was substantially damaged and the Commercially Certificated Pilot-in- Command, the sole occupant, was not injured.

According to the Pilot-in-Command, upon touchdown on the runway at Bethel, the airplane began to veer to the left slowly at first. Right rudder was applied to maintain directional control, but the airplane continued to veer to the left. The pilot then stated she applied right brake, but it did not correct the ground track. The airplane departed the left side of the runway and nosed up. The airplane taxied to the hangar under its own power with no directional control problems.

Examination of the airplane by the Director of Maintenance at the Bethel Operation did not reveal any mechanical problems with the airplane. he also stated that the skid marks on the runway clearly indicated that the airplane's nose wheel touched the runway's surface first, and the airplane wheel barrelled down the runway just prior to the airplane veering off the runway.

The Pilot-in-Command stated she felt there was a problem with the nose wheel centering mechanism and that the nose wheel was cockedto one side upon touchdown.

Examination of the airplane did not reveal any evidence to support a centering mechanism failure.

The wind was from 330 degrees at 10 knots and the airplane landed on runway 36.

Toxicological results were negative.

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