On April 18, 1993, at about 1430 eastern daylight time a Light Aero, Inc. Avid Flyer, home built airplane, N31187, collided with the ground during an attempted forced landing at Winnsboro, South Carolina. The airplane was operated by the pilot under 14 CFR Part 91, and visual flight rules. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. There were no injuries to the private pilot, while the airplane was substantially damaged. The flight was originating at the time of the accident.

The pilot reported that during the initial climb after take off from runway 4, at about 800 feet above the ground, the engine began losing power. A 180 degree turn was made and the airplane aligned for a landing on runway 22. The pilot stated that at about 60 feet above the ground, the airplane stalled. The right wing and nose of the aircraft impacted the ground.

An inspector from the South Carolina Flight Standards District Office examined the wreckage. He reported that both forward spark plugs and the propeller were broken off during the impact. One good spark plug from the rear cylinder was placed in the forward cylinder, and the engine operated at idle power. He also reported that the spark plug electrodes were light brown in color. He noted that the engine had quit previously, at about five hours total time. The pilot said that the carburetor had been set at too lean a mixture, and when adjusted the engine had operated correctly.

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