On March 7, 1993, at approximately 1130 central standard time, during an aborted landing to Lake Murray State Park Airport, Overbrook, Oklahoma, a Cessna 177, N3103T, was destroyed when it impacted terrain. The private pilot and three passengers did not sustain injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal flight.

During interviews with the pilot by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector, the pilot stated the facts in this paragraph. The cross country flight departed Roanoke, Texas, earlier that day. During the landing at the destination airport, the airplane landed hard and bounced into the air. The pilot applied full power. Approximately 300 yards north and 100 yards west of the departure end of runway 32, as the pilot was attempting to raise the flaps, the airplane settled into the trees. As the right wing tip struck a tree, the airplane turned 180 degrees and came to rest. The pilot and passengers exited the airplane before the airplane was destroyed by the post crash fire.

The pilot stated the facts in this paragraph in his report to the investigator in charge. Terrain in the vicinity of the runway was rolling hills surrounded by trees and water. During the final approach and landing he had encountered light to moderate turbulence. He applied full power for an aborted landing following the airplane bouncing into the air from the hard landing. He was attempting to raise the flaps when the airplane "mushed" into the trees at the north end of the runway.

Passengers reported the post crash fire "immediately in the engine area" as the airplane came to rest. The passengers exited through the right side door of the airplane unassisted after the pilot opened the door. The airplane was release to the owner following the investigation.

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