On March 5, 1993, at approximately 0200 central standard time a Beech 65 A90, N800VT, was substantially damaged following a forced landing near Midlothian, Texas. The airplane was owned by the Roever Evangelistic Association Incorporated and was on an instrument flight rules flight plan from Crestview, Florida, to Fort Worth, Texas. Neither the commercial pilot, the co pilot or his 3 passengers were injured.

The pilot reported to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector that the airplane experienced a dual engine failure following the illumination of the left and right fuel boost pump at approximately 6,000 feet. He also reported that he was in contact with an FAA controller and informed him that he had the runway lights of the Midlothian airport in sight and entered a downwind leg at the Midlothian airport in an attempt to land. The pilot reported that he experienced high head winds enroute from Crestview, Florida, and was forced to fly at a lower altitude than he planned. Prior to departing Crestview the pilot stated that he added 140 gallons to the existing 160 gallons of jet fuel.

An examination of the accident scene by the FAA inspector revealed that the airplane impacted the ground 80 feet short of the runway and 90 degrees perpendicular to the runway intended for landing. The inspector measured the total distance from the initial impact to the final resting place; he determined it had travelled approximately 100 feet. During the impact the left main landing gear collapsed and was separated from the airplane and the right wing sustained damage. A passenger reported that prior to impact with the ground he heard the stall warning horn. The FAA inspector determined that there was no evidence of fuel spillage at the accident scene. An examination of the fuel system by the inspector revealed no usable fuel, however, a total of 2 pints of jet fuel was captured from both fuel supply systems.

The FAA inspector examined the airplane following the recovery and he found no fuel in any fuel cells or associated systems and no anomalies in the functional systems.

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