On September 9, 1998, about 0902 central daylight time, an Aero Commander S2R, N3652X, registered to a private individual, crashed near Malone, Florida, while on a Title 14 CFR Part 137 aerial application flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The airplane was destroyed. The commercial-rated pilot reported no injuries. The flight originated from a private airstrip at about 0815.

The pilot stated that he was about 3 miles west of the airstrip when the engine lost all power. He stated, "...I was 600 to 700 feet AGL., I first pushed the throttle to full power position then started pumping the wobble pump and got no response." The pilot stated that he began looking for an area to land, he picked out an area between two trees. According to the pilot, during the landing, the airplane went between two trees and the wings were sheared, then he impacted the ground.

The engine was examined at Southerfield Aviation, Americus, Georgia, at the request of the NTSB, and under the supervision of the FAA, November 1998. The FAA inspector's report showed that the following was found, "...wiring to magnetos had shielding completely chaffed from [the] wires and bare wires were present where it passed through the firewall of the aircraft...non aircraft wiring and splices were installed in the aircraft...suspect magnetos were grounded in flight."

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