On August 8, 1998, at 1030 central daylight time, a Rockwell International S-2R, N5033X, collided with power lines and the ground after experiencing a loss of engine power near Dothan, Alabama. The aerial application flight was operated under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 137, and visual flight rules. No flight plan was filed. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The commercial pilot was not injured, and the airplane was substantially damaged. The flight departed Headland Municipal Airport at 0930.

According to the pilot, he had just finished spraying chemical on a field and was turning towards another field. He was at 200-300 feet when the engine "popped" and quit. He attempted to restart, and set up to land on a county road. He applied full flaps and was committed to land when a truck on the county road noticed him and stopped on his intended landing point. The pilot stated he pulled back and flew between the truck and power lines. The vertical stabilizer struck the power lines, and the airplane yawed to the left. The airplane then touched down, bounced, struck a tree, and ground looped, finally coming to rest near the treeline.

According to the FAA Inspector who examined the airplane. The pilot had departed Headland Municipal Airport with about 65 gallons of fuel onboard, 50 gallons in the left tank and 15 gallons in the right. According to the pilot, the airplane burns about 50 gallons of fuel an hour. Examination of the airplane found no fuel remaining in the fuel tanks nor any odor of fuel at the crash site.

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