On July 24, 1998, at unknown time, a Cessna 152, N6333H, was destroyed when it impacted terrain at Icecap, Greenland. The certificated airline transport rated pilot was fatality injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a visual flight rules flight plan had been filed for the flight that departed Narssarssuaq, Greenland, at 1542 Greenwich Mean Time, destined for Reykjavik, Iceland. The ferry flight was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to the initial notification, the pilot intended to fly south until he felt it was safe to turn east and cross the icecap. At 1612, the pilot stated he was going to go direct to 61 degrees north latitude, and 40 degrees west longitude. There were no further transmissions received from the airplane.

On July 29, 1998, at 1620, the airplane wreckage was observed at 60 degrees, 59 minutes north latitude, and 44 degrees, 13 minutes west longitude. The elevation of the terrain where the airplane came to rest was 7,000 feet mean sea level.

This investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Denmark. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Denmark Aircraft Accident Investigation Board Vanloese, Denmark

This report is for informational purposes only, and contains only information released by the Government of Denmark.

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