On June 2, 1998, about 1400 central daylight time, a Cessna 180D, N6471X, registered to a private owner, crashed on landing rollout on runway 36 at the Hardy-Anders Field Natchez -Adams County Airport, Natchez, Mississippi. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The private pilot and one passenger reported no injuries. The flight originated from Quitman, Mississippi, 1 hour before the accident.

The pilot stated he entered left downwind for runway 36. He made a wheel landing. As the airplane decelerated, the tail wheel touched down on the runway. A short time later, he heard a sound which sounded like metal, and experienced a loss of directional control. The airplane rotated around its vertical axis to the right. The left wing collided with the ground. The airplane came to a complete stop facing the opposite direction on its left side. Examination of the airplane revealed the left tire had separated from the airplane and a possible failure of the landing gear wheel and tire assembly.

Examination of the runway by FAA personnel revealed initial tire marks about 600 feet from where the airplane came to rest. "There appears to be light loading on the left main, the tailwheel is off center to the east, shows a bouncing pattern and the right main shows a readily distinguishable pattern. The tire pattern becomes light and hard to distinguish. The tire marks again become easily visible just prior to when they start veering off to the right (east) and continues with the main tires starting to show side load evidence with heavy side load for the last 200'. Severe side load and even some side slip on the left main is evident for the last 75' until the left main wheel failed and the axle assembly dug into the pavement. The aircraft continued spinning to the left, ripped the left main strut from the aircraft and also caused the left wing strut to separate from the fuselage. The aircraft continued to roll and folded the left wing up to 90 degrees. A post crash investigation of the brake assemblies revealed no mechanical failure or abnormalities that would have contributed to the accident."

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