On March 27, 1998, about 1715 Eastern Standard Time, a Cessna 140, N1998N, was substantially damaged during an aborted take-off roll from Darby Airport (OH93), Milford Center, Ohio. The certificated commercial pilot received minor injuries while the passenger was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. No flight plan had been filed for the local flight conducted under 14 CFR 91.

The pilot stated to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Inspector that he was on a take-off roll from Runway 22 when something just didn't feel right. He aborted the take-off and, in his "haste to stop the airplane, ... 'jumped' on the brakes." He wrote he "must have tapped the brakes too hard, causing the aircraft to nose over and come to rest on its back." He also noted that the brakes were "very effective and touchy."

Another FAA Inspector wrote that the airplane suffered damage to the engine, propeller, firewall, both wings, both elevators and the fuselage.

At 1653, winds were reported at an airport 17 miles to the southeast, as from 220 degrees magnetic at 14, gusting to 23 knots.

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