On February 7, 1998, at 1400 central standard time, a Grumman American AA-5 airplane, N7117L, registered to and operated by the pilot, was substantially damaged upon collision with trees during a go-around at Cut and Shoot Airport, near Conroe, Texas. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and a flight plan was not filed for the Title 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight. The private pilot sustained minor injuries, and his passenger was not injured. The flight originated from Cut and Shoot, Texas, earlier in the day and was returning from Lufkin, Texas.

The 3, 000 hour pilot reported in written statements provided to the NTSB, that the aircraft came in "too hot" and touched down "too far down" runway 35, therefore, he initiated a go-around. During the go-around the aircraft struck pine trees that were located near the departure end of the 2,900 foot runway. The aircraft came to rest in the trees, upright in a nose down attitude.

Examination of the aircraft wreckage by the FAA inspector revealed that the right horizontal stabilizer was torn off and the left horizontal stabilizer was wrinkled and bent. The left wing was torn and bent, and its fuel tank ruptured. The right wing's leading edge was crushed aft about mid span. The fuselage was wrinkled and displaced to the left. The propeller blades exhibited "S" bending and chordwise striations. Slash marks consistent with "propellers strikes" were found on a tree trunk located next to the aircraft.

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