On February 1, 1998, at 1215 eastern standard time (est), a Cessna 150M, N6327K, operated by a solo student pilot, sustained substantial damage when landing on runway 27 at Oakland-Troy Airport, Troy Michigan, the airplane departed the runway and subsequently nosed over. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The solo instructional flight was being conducted under 14 CFR Part 91. There was no flight plan on file. The student pilot reported no injuries. The local cross country flight originated at Romeo, Michigan, at 1200 est.

In his written statement, the student pilot said that on landing, he experienced "turbulence and crosswind." On touchdown, the airplane drifted to the left. The nose wheel got stuck in the mud, and the airplane flipped 180 degrees.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector examined the airplane at the accident site. The airplane had departed the runway's left edge approximately halfway down from the approach end, and nosed over. The airplane's right wing was broken at the second rib inboard from the wing tip. The upper and lower skin of the right wing showed heavy wrinkling, especially in the area between the flap hinges. Several wing skin rivets in the area of the right wing fuel tank had popped causing part of the wing skin to come off. The nose gear was bent to the left and aft. The vertical stabilizer and rudder were bent to the right and crushed downward. The airplane's engine was bent downward at the mounts.

The upper engine cowling was bent downward and aft. The spinner was crushed inward. One propeller blade was bent aft approximately 30 degrees. Flight control continuity was confirmed. Examination of the engine, engine controls, brakes and other airplane systems revealed no anomalies.

The aviation routine weather reporting (METAR) station at Oakland-Pontiac Municipal Airport [13 miles northwest of Oakland- Troy Airport] at 1145 est, reported winds 200 magnetic heading at 12 knots.

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