On November 6, 1997, about 1956 central standard time, a Douglas DC-3C, N59316, registered to McNeeley Charter Services Inc., operating as a 14 CFR Part 91 positioning flight, experienced a total loss of engine power on an instrument approach, and made a forced landing to a sand bar in the vicinity of Memphis, Tennessee. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed and an IFR flight plan was filed. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The airline transport-rated pilot-in-command and commercial rated first officer reported no injuries. The flight originated from Gulfport, Mississippi, about 2 hours 11 minutes before the accident.

The PIC stated they were in cruise flight at 6,000 feet about 30 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee, when the left engine fuel pressure started to fluctuate. He turned the boost pumps on and switched the fuel selectors from the front fuel tanks to the rear fuel tanks. ATC was notified and priority handling was requested and received. The front fuel gages indicated 25 gallons per side and the rear fuel gages indicated 50 gallons per side. They received clearance for an NDB approach and to descend to 2,000 feet. They were established on the approach at 2,000 feet about 8 miles south of the airport, when the left engine fuel pressure dropped to zero and the left engine quit. The fuel selector was moved to the right rear fuel tank and the engine started. The rear fuel gages indicated about 30 gallons of fuel. They continued for about 2 miles when the right engine quit followed by the left engine. The PIC informed ATC they were going down and maneuvered the airplane for a forced landing to a sand bar on the Mississippi, River.

Examination of the crashsite revealed no evidence of a precrash mechanical failure of the airframe, and flight control assemblies. The four fuel tanks were not ruptured and no fuel was present in the fuel tanks.

NTSB Form 6120.1/2 Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report was faxed to the registered owner on November 7, 1997 requesting a detailed written statement from the PIC and the first officer. The completed form was faxed back to the NTSB investigator-in-charge on November 13, 1997. A detailed statement from the PIC and first officer was not submitted.

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