On November 8, 1997, about 1030 hours Pacific standard time, a Globe GC 1-B, N3232K, owned and operated by the pilot, sustained substantial damage during a ground loop on runway 12 at the Whitman Airport, Los Angeles, California. Neither the private pilot nor the passenger was injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed during the local area personal flight which originated from the airport about 1010.

The pilot reported that during the normal touchdown the right tire blew out. Despite application of full left brake, directional control was lost and the airplane veered off the right side of the runway. Thereafter, the conventional main landing gear collapsed and the left wing broke upon contacting the runway.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) coordinator examined the airplane. According to the FAA, the right main tire had an unusual 8-inch cut in the center tread groove that was circumferential in nature. No evidence of pronounced weather checking was reported. The tire was about 9 years old.

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