On October 16, 1997, about 1230 hours Pacific daylight time, a Mikoyan Gurevich, MIG 15UTI, N17KM, owned and operated by the pilot, made a hard bounced landing on runway 14 at the uncontrolled Reno/Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada. The airplane was substantially damaged, and the airline transport certificated pilot was seriously injured. The passenger received minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time, and no flight plan was filed for the local area personal flight. The flight originated from Stead about 1200.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors examined the airplane, the accident site, and they interviewed the pilot, the passenger, and a witness. In summary, the FAA indicated that during the accident flight the pilot planned to perform a touch-and-go landing. The pilot did not indicate that any unusual occurrences transpired during the flight, and his traffic pattern approach to runway 14 was normal. On final approach the airplane's landing speed was normal as the airplane descended. The airplane bounced on the runway and thereafter was in a 20-degree pitch up attitude. The pilot indicated that he attempted to recover, however, the airplane bounced on the runway at least one more time. The pilot stated that he lost control after the next hard bounce, and the left wing lowered.

The FAA reported that physical evidence was observed of the airplane's left wing tip contacting the runway surface, and thereafter, the left external fuel cell separated from the wing. The airplane rolled over and slid to a stop approximately 1,750 feet down the runway. According to the pilot, no mechanical malfunctions were experienced during the flight.

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