On October 14, 1997, at 0857 central daylight time, an Ayres S2R-T65 airplane, Colombian registration PNC259, was substantially damaged during a forced landing following a partial loss of power near Neiva, Colombia. The airplane was being operated by the Colombian National Police, and the pilot sustained minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local flight that originated at 0710.

The airplane was 15 nautical miles northeast of Neiva Airport when the engine TGT (turbine gas temperature) and propeller RPM began to fluctuate. The pilot switched fuel tanks and tried an engine restart even though the engine did not lose total power. The pilot initiated an emergency landing to an open field which had irrigation ditches 10 feet apart. During landing roll the airplane impacted one of the irrigation ditches collapsing both main landing gear. Examination of the airplane revealed that both landing gear were pushed up into the wings rupturing both wing's fuel tanks. The engine will be sent to the manufacturer for examination.

The accident is under jurisdiction of the Government of Colombia. This report is for information purposes only and contains information released by, or obtained for the Government of Colombia.

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