On October 4, 1997, at 1600 eastern standard time, a Boeing B75N1, N75511, operated by an Airline Transport rated pilot collided with a Waco CTO, NC9577H, operated by a private pilot. The collision occurred as N75511 was taking off on runway 27 and NC9577H was back taxiing on the same runway at Pam's Place Airstrip in Cloverdale, Indiana. The pilot and passenger on N75511 were not injured nor was the pilot and passenger on NC9577H. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and flight plans were not filed for either airplane. Both airplanes were operating under 14 CFR Part 91.

The pilot of N75511 reported that he parked facing east in a parking area on the north side of the approach end of runway 27 where he boarded a passenger. He then made a right turn to the west and looked down the airstrip and did not see anyone. He then cleared final and base leg for traffic and without seeing anyone, he lined up on the airstrip for takeoff. He reported he advanced the throttle to full power and a few seconds later his left wing contacted NC9577H. He reported that his airplane ground looped to the left and came to rest heading north.

The pilot of NC9577H reported that after a local flight he returned to Pam's Place and landed on runway 27. After landing he turned the airplane to the east to back taxi on the airstrip to the hangar area. He reported that after using about 1,500' of the airstrip he made a S-turn to the south and back to the north. As he was turning back to center he heard an engine noise and saw N75511 just prior to impact. He reported that after the collision his airplane did not move.

The left wing of N75511 contacted the left side of NC9577H as they were moving in opposite directions when the collision took place. N75511 was equipped with a radio and NC9577H was not.

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