On October 21, 1997, about 1220 eastern daylight time, a Diamond Aircraft Industries DA20-A1, N534SS, collided with the ground between runways 27L and 27R while on approach to the Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida. The airplane was operated by the private pilot under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 91, and visual flight rules. Visual meteorological conditions existed, and no flight plan was filed. The pilot and one passenger sustained serious injuries, and the airplane was substantially damaged. The flight originated from Melbourne, Florida at 1100.

The pilot stated that he passed over the airport and was told by air traffic control to expect 27R. After being vectored, he stated he was cleared to land on 27R. While on final approach at 200 feet, a MD-80 passed close to him on the right. The controller warned the pilot of possible wake turbulence. The airplane then rolled upside down and crashed into the ground.

The FAA inspector stated, and air traffic control audio tapes confirmed, that the airplane was cleared to land on runway 27L, and given the traffic, an MD-80, landing on 27R. After being cleared to land on 27L, the airplane was observed deviating towards 27R. The FAA inspector stated that the air traffic controllers observed the nose of the airplane go up and then the airplane rolled left, impacting the ground left wing low and partially inverted.

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