On June 02, 1997, at 2325 eastern standard time (est), a Cessna 340A, N171DB, registered to Exterior Designing, Inc., of Hoagland, Indiana, piloted by an instrument rated private pilot, was substantially damaged when it collided with the terrain approximately one mile from the runway 05 threshold, at the Fort Wayne Municipal Airport, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The pilot flew two unsuccessful ILS approaches to runway 05. The pilot then requested the third approach to be a surveillance approach to runway 05. The pilot reported no injuries. The personal 14 CFR Part 91 flight was operating on an IFR flight plan. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The flight departed El Reno, Oklahoma, at 1900 cdt, with the intended destination of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

While en route to Fort Wayne, the pilot received a weather update that was reported as IFR conditions with one mile visibility and a 200 foot ceiling. The pilot decided to continue on to Fort Wayne. The pilot flew the ILS approach and "upon reaching the one mile marker the indicator swung to the right indicating we were off course, one quarter mile left of the center line." The pilot was able to see the runway lights to the right side at decision height but chose to make a missed approach. The pilot flew a second ILS approach with the same results. On the third approach, the pilot requested a radar surveillance approach (heading information) coupled with the ILS for glide slope information. On the third approach the pilot stated "I fixed my eyes on the runway and inadvertently descended below the glide path and landed short of the runway." The pilot went on to say "Pilot must not become focused on one item, he must continue scanning all instruments and always keep in mind his decision height when flying any approaches." The pilot also said, "Airplane had no mechanical problems."

Examination of both Nav #1 and Nav #2 revealed that both ILS circuits operated correctly for ILS centering, deflection, and sensitivity.

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