On March 2, 1997, about 2145 eastern standard time, YV-784C, a Cessna 402A, operated by Chapi Air Travel disappeared from radar north Maiquetia, Venezuela. The flight was operating as an air taxi under Venezuelan flight regulations. The airplane is missing, along with one pilot and five passengers who are presumed fatal. An American citizen was reported to be a passenger on the flight. The flight departed from Simon Bolivar Airport, Maiquetia, Venezuela destined to the Island of Gran Roque located off the north coast of Venezuela. Estimated time en route was 30 minutes.

Search airplanes found debris and an empty raft floating about 48 nautical miles north of Maiquetia.

This report is filed for information purposes only and contains only that information obtained for or received from the Venezuelan aviation authorities. For additional information contact:

Director General Civil Aviation Caracas, Venezuela Telephone: 58-2-235-66-01/14-262139

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