On March 29, 1997, at 0945 central standard time, a Piper PA-38-112 airplane, N194BA, registered to and operated by Business Air Corporate Aviation Limited of Bethany, Oklahoma, was substantially damaged following a loss of control during landing roll at Stillwater Municipal Airport, Stillwater, Oklahoma. The student pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed for the Title 14 CFR Part 91 instructional solo cross country flight. The flight departed from Wiley Post Airport, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, at 0905.

In a written statement, the student pilot, who was receiving flight training under Title 14 CFR Part 61, reported that upon reaching Stillwater Municipal Airport, he entered a left pattern for runway 17. He further reported that after turning final, he extended the flaps at 70 knots indicated airspeed and then landed. The student pilot stated that the airplane traveled about 500 feet, then "violently" veered to the left. He further stated that he applied right rudder; however, the airplane continued to veer left, entering a skid. Subsequently, the "nose wheel gave way," and the airplane exited the left side of the runway and skidded approximately 30 feet on grass before coming to a full stop.

According to the FAA inspector, the nose landing gear separated and contacted the left wing. The inspector reported that the left wing sustained structural damage.

The winds reported by the National Weather Service at Stillwater at 0953 were from 100 degrees at 11 knots. The student pilot reported that the winds at the time of the accident were from 110 degrees at 11 knots. Using these wind conditions, a left crosswind component of 9 to 10 knots was calculated for the landing on runway 17. Review of the PA-38 Pilot's Operating Handbook revealed a maximum demonstrated crosswind component of 15 knots.

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