On March 18, 1997, approximately 1515, central daylight time, a Stinson L5, N57789, collided with a homebuilt RV-6, N139TX, while both airplanes were taxiing at Lancaster Airport, Lancaster, Texas. The pilot of the Stinson, the sole occupant, was not injured and the airplane sustained substantial damage to the right wing. The pilot of the RV-6, the sole occupant, was not injured and the airplane sustained minor damage to the propeller. Both aircraft were being operated under Title 14 CFR Part 91. The Stinson was taxiing inbound from a local flight and the RV-6 was taxiing outbound. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

In a written statement, the pilot of the Stinson reported that he had just landed on runway 31 after doing some landing pattern work. After rollout he taxied inbound onto the first turn off and noticed a Cessna on the next turn off, facing west. He stated that during his taxi he was "zig zagging" to maintain a visual lookout. While the aircraft was "angled to the right" and he was "looking to the left to see if the way was clear", he heard the words, "HE DOESN'T SEE YOU", and then heard the sound of a propeller contact his wing. After making eye contact with the aircraft that contacted his wing, he observed that it was a RV-6. He stated that, after the collision, he observed the RV-6 taxiing with its main landing gear on the asphalt, and tail wheel in the grass adjacent to the taxiway.

In a written statement, the pilot of the RV-6 reported that he was taxiing south along the taxiway following a Cessna. He stated that the Cessna turned off onto the intersection "revealing an oncoming Stinson." Upon visually acquiring the Stinson, he "taxied to the far left side of the taxiway, thinking that the Stinson would surely see my aircraft, but he [the Stinson] continued in the opposite direction rapidly and unswervingly." He further stated that he "turned [the aircraft] a one-eight turn to the right with the hope of minimizing the oncoming damage." Subsequently, the wing of the Stinson "struck" the turning propeller of the RV-6, approximately 3-4 feet inboard from the wing tip, resulting in structural damage to the Stinson.

According to the aforementioned statements by each of the pilots, both the RV-6 and the Stinson, were moving at the time of their contact.

Note: Narrative for NTSB case file, FTW97LA148B, is identical to this narrative.

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