On March 26, 1997, about 1730 Alaska daylight time (ADT), a wheel equipped Luscombe LL-8-A airplane, N1295K, sustained substantial damage during a forced landing on a remote beach 21 miles west of Kake, Alaska. The private certificated pilot received minor injuries. The 14 CFR Part 91 cross country personal flight originated at Atlin Lake, British Columbia, at 1420 ADT, and was en route to Juneau, Alaska. A VFR flight plan was in effect, and the airplane operated in visual meteorological weather.

The pilot reported he was unfamiliar with flying in the area, became disoriented and was unsure of where Juneau was located. He realized the airplane had minimal fuel reserves remaining, and elected to make a precautionary landing on a remote and sandy beach site. During the turn to land, the engine lost all power, and a forced landing was made on a rocky beach short of the intended landing site. The airplane received substantial damage when it nosed over during the landing roll.

Postaccident inspection revealed no fuel in the fuel tank, lines, or engine. The fuel system remained intact.

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