On February 22, 1997, at 1130 central standard time (cst), a Cessna 152, N46865, registered to College of the Ozarks, of Point Lookout, Missouri, and operated by a student pilot, lost directional control and exited runway 29 (3,545 x 100 dry/asphalt) at the Graham Clark Airport, Point Lookout, Missouri. The airplane was destroyed after it nosed over in a ravine during the pilot's second solo touch and go landing. The student pilot reported serious injuries. The 14 CFR Part 91 solo instructional flight was operating in visual meteorological conditions. No flight plan was on file. The flight departed Point Lookout, Missouri, at 1120 cst.

According to the student pilot's written statement, she was practicing takeoffs and landings with her certified flight instructor (CFI) prior to her first solo flight. She performed seven to ten takeoffs and landings before the CFI allowed her to perform her first solo takeoff and landing. The student pilot performed one successful takeoff and landing and was cleared by the CFI for a second solo takeoff and landing. The student pilot performed a second takeoff and upon landing, the airplane bounced off the runway and began turning to the left. The student pilot decided to go around by advancing the throttle. The she stated, "I pulled the nose up in order to gain altitude and miss the building. The stall indicator started to buzz. I could not see the hanger, so I kept climbing as much as I could, to try to miss the hanger. I knew the airplane was going to stall, I began to stall, the airplane rolled upside down to the left... ."

According to the certified flight instructor's written statement, he described the second landing as a bounced landing approximately 3-4 feet off of the runway. The CFI stated "The airplane crabbed slightly left and the nose came down like it was going to begin porpoising. ...[student pilot] added full power, but failed to retract the flaps. I saw the aircraft climb steeply and roll to the left."

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