On February 2, 1997, at 1730 central standard time (cst), a Beech 200, N66404, sustained substantial damage when the landing gear collapsed during landing, at the Marshall-Ryan Airport, Marshall Minnesota. The two pilots and 3 passengers were uninjured in the accident. The 14 CFR Part 91 fight originated at the Minneapolis Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The airplane was operating on IFR flight plan, and visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident.

The airplane was being flown by two air transport rated pilots, at the time of the accident. Both pilots reported that shortly after the airplane touched down, the left seat pilot reached over and put the landing gear handle in the up position. The pilots reported that the left seat pilot then returned the landing gear selector to the down position, and initiated a go around. After the go around the pilots attempted to put the landing gear down manually, which was unsuccessful. The pilots then declared an emergency with Minneapolis Center, and waited until emergency crews had arrived at the airport to land the airplane. When the airplane landed the second time, the landing gear collapsed. After the airplane had stopped, the crew and passenger executed an emergency evacuation of the airplane.

The internal structure on the bottom of the fuselage, the fuselage skins, and the propellers were bent in the accident.

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