On December 31, 1996, at 1130 Pacific standard time, a Globe GC-1B, N3325K, collided with a drainage culvert and a sign following a loss of directional control during the takeoff ground roll at the Jean, Nevada, airport. The aircraft was owned and operated by the pilot and was on a local area dual instructional flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed. The aircraft was destroyed in the multiple obstacle collision sequence. Neither the private pilot nor the commercial pilot/flight instructor were injured. The flight originated at the Henderson, Nevada, airport on the day of the accident at 1100 and flew to the Jean airport for takeoff and landing practice.

The aircraft owner just purchased the aircraft and had no conventional gear experience. He retained the flight instructor to provide dual instruction in the aircraft. According to FAA inspectors, the flight instructor had very limited experience in conventional gear aircraft.

FAA inspectors interviewed both pilots. According to the verbal statements of both pilots, during the takeoff ground roll, the owner/pilot lifted the tail early then lost directional control. The aircraft veered off the right side of the 4,600-foot-long runway, traveled about 300 feet, and collided with a berm at the side of a perpendicular drainage culvert. The collision with the berm separated the right main landing gear. The aircraft then continued for some distance, collided with a sign, and spun to a stop in the dirt.

In a written report submitted March 18, 1997, the instructor stated that the owner/pilot "yanked the yoke back and the aircraft jumped up about 6 feet." The aircraft then departed the right side of the runway as the instructor took the controls from the student. The aircraft stalled and fell back to the ground. He said there were no brakes at his seat position and he reduced the power to idle to slow the aircraft. Unable to see over the nose with the tail down, the aircraft collided with a drainage ditch.

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